What we do


The APPG for Maths and Numeracy exists to draw attention to the crucial role that maths and numeracy play in the UK and the impact this has on society and on people individually. Through its work the Group aims to investigate ways of improving the mathematical skills and understanding of children and adults. Read the introductory paper from our launch in 2014.

Who we are


The APPG for Maths and Numeracy was started in March 2014 and is the first parliamentary group dedicated solely to maths and numeracy.  Find out more about who we are and how we are working to raise public awareness of the importance of good numeracy.

Working with Ofsted


We met Jane Jones, National Lead for Mathematics at Ofsted, to hear more about the current state of school maths. For more information read the summary of her report.

Maths in Early Years Education


Read our report on Maths in Early Years Education.